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About the Owner

Beth grew up in Spencer County until the age of 18. She then moved to Chandler for a few years, and now resides in the Tennyson/Boonville area since 2010. She currently works at a local veterinary clinic full time, and still can't get enough of animals! She enjoys spending time with her family (humans & animals), being outdoors, and helping others with their pet's needs whatever they may be.

Her love for animals started off when she was young, with some of her fondest memories being at her grandparent's house and playing with their many dogs and rabbits.

At the age of 17, she got her first job as a Kennel Assistant at a local veterinary clinic, and within a few years, she was working as a Veterinary Assistant. This job confirmed that working with animals is what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

Throughout her 18+ years at the clinic, she learned so much about animals. Not only how to care for a healthy, happy pet, but how to provide the appropriate care for many animals with special needs, including those that are sick. She is confident that those years of experience, education, and skills are what set her apart from others and allow her to provide outstanding services to her clients.

Her current position at the clinic is manager, which requires her to spend a lot of her time away from the animals. Taking that job though, and realizing her true love was the connection with the animals, is what has led her to the decision to start her own business.

Beth loves knowing that she can now provide that same quality of care she was taught at the clinic to her client's pets.

"I genuinely enjoy every moment I get to spend with these fantastic pets, and the comfort it provides to my clients knowing their pets are well taken care of and treated like they are my own!" - Beth


Our goal is to provide comprehensive, high quality pet care with an emphasis on client service. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe, healthy, relaxing environment for our patients, while providing exceptional customer service and assisting our clients by sharing our knowledge of pet care to increase the overall well-being of their pet.

Our vision is to always provide a safe, healthy, and relaxing place for dogs to come and enjoy. We hope that through our hard work and services offered each and every one of our clients will always leave their pets with us knowing they are receiving the highest quality of care and will be loved unconditionally.