Giving your best friend exceptional care

Bringing in your pup for overnight dog boarding services? We'll:

  • Clean your dogs ears and clip their nails if requested
  • Feed your dog top-quality food
  • Give your dog medication if needed

At our luxury dog boarding kennel, we also give every dog ample playtime to help them stay healthy and active. Speak to our owner today to learn more about our relaxing, quiet, and safe kennel.

A convenient and safe alternative to the vet

If your furry friend hates the vet, trying to board them there while you're away might stress both of you. This is why at Pioneer Pet Services, we provide safe and convenient overnight dog boarding services for the residents of Tennyson and Boonville, IN. We welcome and love all dogs, including our geriatric friends and dogs with medical issues or anxiety. Our staff is highly trained and experienced, so you can count on us to administer any medications your pet needs.

Your dog is sure to enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere at our luxury dog boarding kennel. Call 812-306-3236 today to arrange your furry friend's stay.