Learn more about our trimming services

Is it time to trim your pet's nails? For pet nail trimming services, we:

  • Do everything we can to keep pets comfortable
  • Treat pets carefully to avoid discomfort during trimming
  • Provide pet nail clipping services during boarding and pet sitting

We can schedule your pet's trimming services at a convenient time for you, and we'll always prioritize your pet's comfort. Reach out to us today for $10 trimming services.

Why is trimming your dog's nails important?

Let Pioneer Pet Services keep your pet happy and healthy. We offer convenient pet nail trimming services and pet nail clipping services in Tennyson and Boonville, IN. For nail trims, we charge $10 per pet. You can request this service during a pet-sitting visit or a boarding stay.

It's important to trim your pet's nails regularly. Long nails...

Make it difficult for your pet to walk
Risk being torn and causing pain
Cause discomfort when walking
Affects your pet's toe joint alignment

From start to finish, we'll prioritize your pet's comfort. Get in touch with us to learn more.